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Cleaning Encyclopedia - the secret of carpet maintenance

Cleaning Encyclopedia - the secret of carpet maintenance

2019/04/30 01:07
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The carpet has a gentle touch. In the winter, choose a suitable carpet for your home, neutralize the cold texture of the floor tiles, let the warm touch away from the chill, let the warmth spread from

The carpet has a gentle touch. In the winter, choose a suitable carpet for your home, neutralize the cold texture of the floor tiles, let the warm touch away from the chill, let the warmth spread from the soles of the feet to the whole body.


■ The living room should choose a short pile carpet


It seems that it is affected by cold weather and the upcoming New Year. Recently, the popularity of carpets is much higher than usual. According to Yang Ping, a shopping guide for a certain brand of carpets, "If you sell well, you can sell at least three in one day." According to the material, the carpets on the market are roughly divided into wool, blended materials and chemical fiber, while the chemical fiber is divided into polypropylene, acrylic, polyester and nylon. The wool carpet has good elasticity and soft and fine hand, but the price is relatively high. The blended carpet is moderately priced, with good elasticity and good foot feeling because of the synthetic fiber. The appearance and feel of the chemical fiber carpet are similar to those of the wool carpet. , anti-insect and other characteristics, but slightly in the elasticity of the blended carpet. "At present, in Baoji market, the best selling is mainly blended and chemical fiber, which is mainly determined by price." Yang Ping said.


Because each material has its own characteristics, when choosing a carpet, consumers should choose according to the specific situation of the home and the space used. For example, to choose a carpet for the bedroom, more should consider softness, comfort and other factors, then you can choose a high-fiber chemical carpet; for the living room, you can choose a wear-resistant, easy to clean short-wool carpet. "But need to pay attention to, when determining the size of the carpet, we must refer to the area of ​​the room, especially the living room. If the area is 20m2-30m2, the selected carpet should be 1.6m×2.3m, if the area is 10m2-20m2 , you should choose a carpet of 1.4m × 2m."


■ It is better to clean the carpet once every six months.




Some people always talk about the color change of the carpet, because the carpet is easy to breed bacteria, it is a place to hide dirt, so regular cleaning has become a problem that cannot be ignored. According to Yang Ping, the daily care is mainly based on vacuum cleaners. If there is no vacuum cleaner in the house, you can use a soft brush to brush up the dust. "When you move a lot, clean up at least 3 times a week." Yang Ping said.


In addition, it is best to clean the carpet once every six months. If you are using high-grade carpets in your home or if you have conditions, it is best to find a professional carpet cleaning company or send them to a dry cleaner for cleaning. If you want to do it yourself, on the carpet. If there are not too many stains, just use a high-pressure water gun to punch the carpet again, and wash off the floating dust on the surface.


■ The heavier the carpet, the better the quality


To choose a carpet, in addition to choosing the right color to match the room space, you need to pay attention to how to identify the quality of the carpet.


1. Look. It is necessary to select a high density of the pile and a high thickness of the carpet. At the same time, check whether the blanket surface is damaged, stained or chromatic, and whether the edge of the carpet is straight. If the chemical fiber carpet is purchased, it is necessary to check whether there is lining or bleed on the back of the carpet to avoid the appearance of the carpet. Drums, unevenness.


2. Try. Consumers can ask to take off their shoes, step on the carpet and try their feet. Then feel the weight of the carpet. In general, the heavier the weight, the better the quality of the carpet.


3. Match. If the carpet is chosen well, it can be the crowning touch of the home, so how to choose the right pattern, color and material needs a good time. In the color of the suit, the European style can choose some complicated patterns and gorgeous patterns; while the modern and fashionable styles should choose simple and clean carpets.