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Four methods of carpet maintenance, except for the recovery of scorch marks

Four methods of carpet maintenance, except for the recovery of scorch marks

Hengda Dynamic
2019/04/30 16:41
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Four methods of carpet maintenance - cleaning: a certain proportion of flour, salt and gypsum powder, the ratio is 6:1:1, heated and cooled with water and paste to make it into a dry block, then pressed into small pieces, scattered in Dirty carpet, then use a hard brush to roll on the carpet until it is rolled into powder, then vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.

Four methods of carpet maintenance - cleaning: a certain proportion of flour, salt and gypsum powder, the ratio is 6:1:1, heated and cooled with water and paste to make it into a dry block, then pressed into small pieces, scattered in Dirty carpet, then use a hard brush to roll on the carpet until it is rolled into powder, then vacuum it with a vacuum cleaner.


In addition to scorch marks: If you accidentally burn the carpet, you can use the repair method to eliminate it. First, brush the burnt area with a hard brush, then cut the fluff from other parts of the carpet with scissors, then stick it with adhesive. At the burnt place, press on the top of the book with the weight of the book. After the adhesive is dried, the adhered hair is firm and finally combed gently with a brush.


Restoring as new: the color of the carpet is no longer bright after a long time. To make the color of the old carpet brighter, spread the salt on the carpet the night before, and remove the salt with a clean warm rag the next morning. The vivid colors will be restored.


Decontamination: The animal and vegetable oil traces on the carpet can be wiped with cotton and high purity gasoline; juice and beer traces should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in washing powder solution, and then washed with warm water and a little vinegar solution. Ink traces can be sprinkled with fine salt in the stains, then brushed with warm soapy liquid; if it is traced, it should be soaked in milk for a while, then brush with a brush and milk.

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