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What should I pay attention to when laying carpets? How to maintain the carpet?

What should I pay attention to when laying carpets? How to maintain the carpet?

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2019/04/30 16:41
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Laying carpets on the ground has gradually become a fashion, but laying carpets is not a simple matter, and a slight oversight can cause problems of one kind or another.

Laying carpets on the ground has gradually become a fashion, but laying carpets is not a simple matter, and a slight oversight can cause problems of one kind or another. The unevenness of the carpet, the bulging in the middle, and the large seams are all headaches. What are the reasons for these problems? How should we deal with them?


After the carpet was laid, there were burrs and uneven corners around the carpet, which was the most common problem when laying carpets. In the process of laying carpets, it is inevitable to cut. If the cutting instruments are not sharp and cause repeated cutting, it is easy to produce some short fluff. These fluffs will affect the embedded bristle strips. Therefore, when selecting instruments, the knife should be as far as possible. Sharp. If the cutting is not straight or the size calculation is inaccurate, the edge of the carpet will be too far or too close to the wall, and the carpet will not be properly embedded. To avoid this problem, carefully measure the size.


The arching of the carpet will leave the carpet's decorative performance and will affect the use. When laying, the force is not uniform, and the force is not enough to make the carpet appear arching. Therefore, it is best to mark the basic line before laying the carpet. Pay attention to the angle, speed and strength when you are working hard. After laying the carpet, pay attention to moisture, which is also an important reason for the carpet to bulge.


Looking at the seam work of the carpet, you can accurately and intuitively judge the fineness of the workmanship. The seams are obvious, which will greatly reduce the overall decorative effect. The reasons for the large seams are also various. If the size of the carpet is inaccurate or not straight, the seams are not treated when the carpet is carpeted or the floor is different. Therefore, before laying the carpet, the treatment of the ground must be fine. During the process of laying the carpet, we must also pay attention to the control of the size.


In modern society, more and more people like carpets. Compared with other floor materials, the carpet is extremely comfortable and gives a clean and gorgeous feeling. Many people regard the carpet as a manifestation of identity. However, compared with other floor decoration materials, the carpet has the disadvantages of being difficult to clean, fading, and easily damaged, which brings great trouble to the maintenance of the carpet. Here are some tips to help you get rid of your troubles.


To make the carpet last longer, the decoration is better, and the most important thing is to check and prevent it. Carpets are a kind of floor covering material that is prone to problems. The sooner the problem is discovered and the more timely it is processed, the less damage the carpet will take and the longer it will take. The most prone to wear in carpets is the frequent entrances and exits. To reduce the wear and tear on the carpet, a small carpet can be placed at the door. This not only prevents direct wear and tear, but also cleans the dust on the bottom of the foot.


Chemical reagents are important enemies of carpets. They are very damaging to carpets. They may corrode carpets or fade carpets. Be sure to avoid contact with carpets in life. There are many kinds of such substances in life, such as shampoo, washing powder, and bleaching water and insecticidal water in the family.


Dust removal is the main job of caring for carpets. Dust will wear the fibers of the carpet, making the carpet dull. It is best to ensure that the carpet is dusted more than 3 times a week. In addition, the effects and methods of dust removal also need attention. It is usually easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner, and of course dry cleaning is also possible. However, after a long time, it is best to clean the company thoroughly.


For a variety of reasons, carpet burnt is also a frequent problem. If a good piece of carpet is burnt, it is not a change. It is not a change. It is a serious waste, and it is not ugly. If charring occurs, it can be repaired. From some hidden places, such as under the furniture, cut a good piece of carpet, and then carefully treat the burnt parts. After finishing the work, stick the cut piece to the burnt place with the adhesive, and then press the object on it. can. After the adhesive has set, the carpet can be put into use.