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Pure wool carpet cleaning

Pure wool carpet cleaning

Hengda Dynamic
2019/04/30 16:41
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1, wet wash  Use tools: imported carpet cleaning machine, carpet suction machine, three-speed carpet dryer and other cleaning equipment and high foam carpet cleaning agent, low foam carpet cleaning agent, carpet stain remover and other special agents.

Cleaning method:


1, wet wash


Use tools: imported carpet cleaning machine, carpet suction machine, three-speed carpet dryer and other cleaning equipment and high foam carpet cleaning agent, low foam carpet cleaning agent, carpet stain remover and other special agents.


General procedure:


A, comprehensive vacuuming B, local decontamination C, comprehensive cleaning D, rinsing, disinfection E, water absorption, drying


2, dry cleaning


Use tools: imported carpet dry cleaning machine, vacuum suction machine, carding machine and other professional tools and medicaments


General procedure


A, dry cleaning powder B, local stain treatment C, dry cleaning machine cleaning D, vacuum suction machine suction dry E, carding machine finishing carpet hair


A few notes on pure wool carpet cleaning:


1) To clean the pure wool carpet, you must choose a foam-rich carpet cleaning agent, because if the cleaning agent has less foam, the cleaning brush and the carpet have a large frictional force during cleaning, which may damage or scrape the carpet.


2) Cleaning the pure wool carpet must choose a special carpet cleaning agent, because some inferior or alkaline cleaning agents will damage the carpet hair quality, the dried carpet will lose the original color or discoloration, especially the light color pure Wool carpet.


3) The cleaned pure wool carpet must be rinsed thoroughly. It must be blown dry by the cold air or blown dry in the shade. Be sure to avoid exposure in the sun, because the carpet is easy to change color.